How to Get a Job Without Experience

This is a valid question. And to be honest, it makes no sense. It's like a vicious cycle. You can't get the job, if you don't have the experience, but how can you have the experience - if they won't give you the job? You are absolutely right in being confused. But try to look at it like this, and maybe, just maybe you won't be as confused.

You can't get useful experience by holding a job.

We were taught it’s important to get a job to gain experience, right? But the truth is, jobs don't give you experience - not in a useful sense. We gain experience from living, regardless of whether we have a job or not. A job only gives us experience at that job, but we gain “experience” doing just about anything, so gaining "experience" at a job is no real benefit at all.

The problem with getting experience from a job is that we usually just repeat the same limited experience over and over. We learn a lot in the beginning and then stagnate. This forces us to miss other experiences that would be much more valuable. And when our limited skill set , the job teaches us ever becomes obsolete, then our experience won’t be worth squat. In fact, ask yourself what the experience you’re gaining right now will be worth in 20-30 years. Will your job even exist then?

Consider this. Which experience would you rather gain? The knowledge of how to do a specific job really well — one that you can only monetize by temporarily trading your time for money — or the knowledge of how to enjoy financial abundance for the rest of your life without ever needing a job again? Now I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have the latter experience. That seems a lot more useful in the real world, wouldn’t you say?

Still think you need experience? Try something different.